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  • Nell

Mrs Lailey from UK

38x46cm oil portrait on natural linen

Andrea did a commission of our Labrador Nell for me which I gave to my husband for Christmas. Andrea is so passionate about her work and kept me updated with progress photos which really gave me a clear insight into the process and work that goes into producing all her stunning artwork. Andrea has not only captured all of Nell's beautiful features but her personality too. We are blown away with her portrait and will treasure it forever.


  • Wooster

Andrea did a fantastic portrait of our black Labrador. It was a present for my husband and he is absolutely thrilled with it and is still talking about it! she was amazing to deal with and would definitely recommend her to everyone I know!


  • JD

30x40 cm portrait of a King Charles Cavalier

Andrea's portrait of our beloved King Charles Cavalier JD was absolute perfection. We lost him very suddenly 10-years-old a few months previously and wanted a painting that was both a tribute to his life and captured his unique personality. Andrea's work has done that and more: it's almost like he's back with us. She was also a joy to work with, quick to respond to emails and helping us to choose the best photograph to use.

I would recommend her to anybody.

Lilo & Stitch

Mrs A Torry from Hampshire

This is the second portrait I have painted for Mrs Torry and this one was certainly a challenge which I really enjoyed. Painted on a linen canvas 54x65 cm in water mixable oils

Thank you so much Andrea for taking on the challenge of painting Hannah and Jake’s duo of Lilo and Stitch, their super friendly cats. We are all thrilled with the painting, which has joined your paintings of their dogs Sasha and Hal. The composition of the painting is perfect, and you have totally captured their individuality. I know it wasn’t your easiest commission and we are really grateful for you taking on the challenge and pulling it off with such skill and flair. Thank you


  • Athena

30x30 cm portrait in oils.

After searching for some time for the right person to take on the challenge of painting my daughters late best friend and companion Athena, I had the good fortune of finding Andrea. Athena is my daughters first dog, a gentle and loving Pit Bull who passed away not long ago. What Andrea delivered was as absolutely breathtaking likeness of Athena that I didn't think was possible. The portrait was a surprise birthday gift for my daughter who now has made the painting the centrepiece of the memorial she has created for for her. 

I cannot put into words how thankful I am to Andrea for taking on this projected for the finished product she delivered. And also from being from the U.S I can say the entire transaction was perfect in its delivery in every way.

Thank you Andrea


Mr M Dale from Hampshire

Mr Dale brought Bella to my house for a photo shoot which she wasn't too happy about, I took lots of photos (and Bella had lots of treats) I took about 80 photos in the end and thankfully captured some great shots of her, she's absolutely beautiful and a bit of a character.

Bella is painted on a natural linen canvas, 38x46cm in water mixable oils.

I recently commissioned Andrea to paint a portrait of our family dog, Bella, as a secret Christmas present for my wife. The resulting oil painting was truly excellent and to say my wife was thrilled with her gift was an understatement. She not only felt it showed a true likeness of our border collie, but also seemed to reflect the dog's character especially in the way her eyes were portrayed. Andrea is a very talented artist and I can thoroughly recommend her should you wish your pet to be represented on canvas.


  • Twiggy

Mrs L Leech from Odiham

 33x41cm oil painting of Twiggy the mini Schnauzer.

I am absolutely delighted with the picture Andrea painting of our adored mini schnauzer ,Twiggy . A very special present for my son at Christmas . Couldn’t have been better , the likeness is remarkable . Such a talent , we will be back for our Labrador.


Lorraine from Hampshire

Portrait of a beautiful a Tibetan Terrier that I had the pleasure of photographing for her portrait. 38x46cm Oil on natural linen canvas

I was very lucky to be given a commissioned painting of our Tibetan Terrier Scout as a present, we went to meet Andrea so she could take some photographs to work from we were made to feel very welcome and Andrea patiently took a number of pictures which I had the opportunity to pick my favourite for my painting.
Andrea keep me up to date with how the painting was progressing and I was amazed with how she had captured Scout to a tee. It is an absolutely stunning painting which I can’t stop looking at and marvel at the detail, the cocked head and glint in the eyes.
Thank you so so much this will take pride of place in our home and I would have no hesitation to recommend Andrea to family or friends and also commission another piece myself.


Phil & Sarah from Southampton

Portrait of a beautiful yellow labrador called Barney, painted in oils on 38 x 46 cm linen canvas

Wow, wow, wow! What an absolutely fantastic painting of our dog Barney - Andrea has captured his personality in the painting so perfectly, and it even feels like if you were to touch the painting itself the nose would be wet and the fur would be all fluffy, just as it is.

What a talented lady you are Andrea and I would never have any hesitation in recommending you. Our wonderful painting is in pride of place and I can't stop looking at it, with all the very fine detail that has been added, it is absolutely perfect in every way. I have shown the painting to all my friends and they all want your details - which they now have.

I can't thank you enough for providing me with such a wonderful gift which my husband and son got for me - it is just brilliant and I love it.  Andrea, you are extremely talented and should be very proud of yourself - thank you so much and to think that you did this work from just a photograph - what a clever lady you are. Thank you so much.


Mr Savage from Winchester

Oil painting portrait of a beautiful yellow labrador called Chrissie.

My clients had a few problems photographing Chrissie so as they are only a short drive from me I drove to their house and took my own photographs, it was great to meet Chrissie and get an idea of her personality.

Chrissie was painted on 30x30cm linen canvas board, mounted on 40x40cm linen board and then framed.

I commissioned Andrea to produce an oil painting of our sandy labrador Chrissie, for my wife as a birthday present. Andrea worked from photographs and also spent time with the dog to acquire a feel for her "persona". She also took time to review her progress on the painting with me and the result was not only spine tingling accuracy but also a capture of the dog's personality and spirit. The eyes have it all, they are absolutely spot on, brilliant. My wife was quite overcome with her first viewing of the portrait...it was that good.


We both think Andrea is a very talented artist and we have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who wants a portrait of a family pet, they will be delighted with the result as much as we are today.


Mrs A Torry from Hampshire UK

Thank you so much for our two wonderful paintings. This weekend it was two special birthdays and we chose two paintings-the beautiful 3 robins which I had desired for many months, and a commissioned portrait of my daughters Border collie 'Sasha', which is just perfect-absolutely captures the dogs look and personality. thanks so much Anne Torry


Hannah from Alton

Hannah brought Hal over to me to photograph so I could paint his portrait for her partners birthday present, I had already painted Hannah's collie Sasha so this portrait was to go next to Sasha's. 38x46 cm oil on linen

We are thrilled with our painting of Hal. It absolutely captures his personality brilliantly. It is a wonderful partner picture to tthat of Sasha our other dog which Andrea has also painted a couple of years ago.

Dolly & Scooby

  • Dolly
  • Scooby

A4 portraits on natural linen

Dolly is a very special dog in many ways. I chose Andrea to paint her as I had her do one of another little character...Scooby the Cairn Terrier. Dolly has beautiful brown eyes and a glossy black coat. Andrea captured this in everyday. As she ia cross between a black Labrador and Staffie she has managed to add the right amount of brindle. Every hair and whisker is captured perfectly and the eyes are amazing.


Costas Andreas Costis from Reading

A gorgeous little black and white cat belonging to Cos's daughter which he commissioned me to paint for her Christmas present. 29x42 cm oil on linen.

This is the second painting Andrea has done for me and the likeness of Alfie was absolutely amazing. Andrea is a perfectionist and attention to detail is excellent. Painting is now proudly hanging on my daughters lounge wall.


John from Odiham

John Brought Ginny the beautiful and very well behaved Springer Spaniel to my house so I could photograph her, she was by far the easiest dog that I have photographed, posing beautifully for the camera. The portrait was Christmas present for John partner Penny. It was painted in oil on a linen canvas 38x46cm

The portrait brought tears to Penny's eyes and she absolutely loves it ! The more we look at it the more we fall in love with it, you have captured Ginny so well and even the "top knot".


Annabelle from Hampshire

This is the second portrait I have painted for Annabelle, I was unable to photograph Lola so asked Annabelle to take as many photos as possible until we found the right one that would make a lovely portrait. Lola is painted on a linen canvas 38x46cm water mixable oils.

‘Andrea painted a portrait of our dog Lola for me for my partners birthday. I was so pleased with it and couldn’t wait to give it to him. He was absolutely amazed at how realistic and life like it is and absolutely loves it, so much so it made him well up when he opened it! Thank you so much Andrea!’


  • Tommy

I've been a fan of Andrea's work for some time now and particularly the way her pet portraits are so full of character and expression. My dad and stepmom sadly lost their much loved dog recently; so I contacted Andrea to see if she might be able to paint his portrait, Andrea was kind, friendly, professional and full of empathy- she clearly takes her time to get to know her clients and exactly what they want from the portrait and cares very much about not only the subject of the piece but also the recipient.

Andrea clearly explained the cost and approximate timescale and was kind enough to keep me updated throughout the painting process with photographs and commentary which was much appreciated. It was lovely to see the art work take shape in this way and have an understanding and appreciation of just how much work and care goes into each picture.

when the portrait arrived it was even more beautiful than the photos- I can't find good enough words to explain how pleased I am! Tommy's lovely face and character have been captured perfectly and its just such a wonderful way to keep a memory of a very much loved and missed friend. The portrait is full of life and vibrancy and it couldn't be a better representation of him. Andrea is so talented and was a pleasure to work with, I can't recommend  her highly enough. Thank you Andrea.


  • Buster

Thank you so much for the portrait of Buster. He was such a beloved part of our pals family and you have captured his feisty spirit in the portrait-quite how you managed that from a photo is amazing... I know our pal Richard will be really touched by it. Once again thank you so much for the portrait of dear old Buster.


  • Alfie

Mrs Wilson from Buckinghamshire

Oil painting portrait of a very cheeky Cairn Terrier called Alfie, oil on linen 38x46 cm 

"You are so talented, I'm so very pleased. I felt like crying when I saw the painting because it is such a true likeness. Don loves it and we both can't believe how you captured Alfie's eyes so beautifully"


  • Sam

Mrs Dunning-Jones from Surrey

A 36x48 cm portrait painted in oils on a natural linen canvas

I cannot thank Andrea enough for this beautiful, beautiful portrait of my horse Sam. I commissioned her on the basis of the other work I had seen her do, and also to remind me of a perfect day a little while ago when I managed to achieve my first 80cm clear round at Felbridge Show Ground. She managed to capture the kindness in his his eye, his power, his beauty and unusual colouring. Every time I look at this I not only feel immense happiness at the memory of that day, but also such pride that I own such an amazing horse and the privilege it is to be able to partner him. Thank you so much Andrea. I'm still working out the best place to put him.


  • Angel

I decided to buy my husband a painting of his cat that passed away a few years ago. Andrea was very professional from the start. I have never purchased a painting before and she helped me to decide what I would like. She also kept me informed of her progress of Angel which was lovely to see her being created. My husband said its like having Angel back in our lives, Andrea has managed to capture her likeness and even created her unique patterns on her face. She did all of this from only using old photographs of her. We would not hesitate to use her services again and have already mentioned her website to people we know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Annabelle from Hampshire

Oil painting of Merlin 38x46 cm 

My boyfriend absolutely loved Merlins portrait and was so impressed at how life like and realistic it looked, he even got a bit emotional! Thank you so much for your amazing work. I'll be recommending you to my friends and family.


  • Rory

Mrs Walmsley from Scotland

33x41cm oil painting of Rory the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The most challenging part of this portrait was Rory's well chewed tennis ball!

“Hi Andrea, my husband and I received a beautiful portrait of our dog Rory for Christmas. My dad, Colin Powell of Kudu Frames, framed it as part of the present. I just wanted to thank you on such a beautiful job. It 's just wonderful.”


Mrs C Eccles

Ronny was painted in oils on a 30x30cm linen board, he was then mounted onto a 40x40cm linen board and framed in a dark brown wood frame.

Dear Andrea

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing and so true to life painting you produced of our beloved black lab, Ronny.

I was nervous about commissioning my first painting, but I knew from the first email that I was in safe hands. I had seen some of your previous projects, via your Facebook page, and had always admired from afar.

You carefully and patiently talked me through the process, helped me pick the perfect photo and kept in touch through all the stages of production, with regular updates and pictures of your progress.

It arrived well within the timescale I had given you of my husbands 40th Birthday. The look on his face when he opened his 'present' was priceless. It is now hanging pride of place in our hallway and everyone comments on how talented you are. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone! Well done and I thank you again.



Nig & Lise from Cumbria

Oil painting of Molly on natural linen, 31x43 cm

Thank you so much for the incredible portrait of Molly. You have completely captured her marvelously charismatic and expressive face. To say you have agreat talent, would be an understatement. We took the portrait to our local pub (where we regularly take Molly) people were amazed by it. With a talent such as yours, you should never be short of work. You are truly a great artist. Nig and Lise


Audrey Cook from Lasham

Portrait of Maisie, oil on linen 38x46cm

Thank you for the most amazingly life-like painting of our Maisie. You have captured her to a 'T'. Even her variegated eye lashes! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to someone anxious to have any furred or feathered friends captured in oils!! Aud cook Lasham

Bailey &Bella

Mrs Rock from West Sussex

From the first time I saw Andrea’s work I knew that I had found the artist to paint our two beloved dogs. She certainly didn’t disappoint and has created the most wonderful painting which we will be able to keep and cherish forever. The detail is amazing and the colours are so accurate. I would recommend Andrea unreservedly.

Red Admiral

  • Red Admiral

Ms Leader from Hampshire

40x40 cm oil painting of a Red Admiral Butterfly

"Andrea's incredible talent has brought out the detail and colour beautifully in the butterfly painting that I commissioned. She carried out the work quickly and interpreted my wishes exactly. I was thrilled with the result and would commission her again in a heart beat"


Tim from Alton

Tilly a very cute little Shih tzu that lives in Australia, this portrait was for a Christmas present for Tim's partner and was painted on a 30x30cm linen bored, mounted onto 40x40cm linen bored and framed.

Picture of Tilly was a big hit. My partner thought the likeness was amazing and you have captured her personality perfectly. Thanks again Tim.


Scooby was part of our family for 18 years, when we lost him in 2010 I wanted something to remind me of him every day.  Andrea took a photograph of my beautiful boy and turned it into the most wonderful, life like pencil drawing of him, it captures his character perfectly and the detail is exquisite.

I am delighted with the result and cannot recommend Andrea highly enough, thank you Andrea for keeping Scooby’s memory alive.


  • Meadow

Miss H Torry from Hampshire

A 40x60cm oil painting of a meadow scene to include blue and purple flowers and lots of long grasses and the occasional hidden insect.

Andrea painted my mum a beautiful meadow full of flowers - cornflowers, bluebells as well as lots of insects...bees and ladybirds, it was amazing! My mum was totally thrilled - huge thanks to Andrea.


Monica from Hampshire

Portrait of Rosie the Boxer in oils

I commissioned Andrea to paint a portrait of a Boxer dog, Rosie, to be given as a gift to a work colleague. Andrea worked from several photographs some of which were definitely a challenge. She went to great lengths to ensure we were happy with the size of the portrait and discussed with us what medium she felt would be most suitable for the subject. Andrea completed the commission well within the agreed deadline and kept me updated on its progress, welcoming my feed back. Not only was the finished portrait extremely accurate, but perfectly captured the character of Rosie.

Andrea is a very talented and professional artist and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any animal portaits.


  • Sally

Mr C. Harber

Portrait of a much loved and missed family dog

This is the second piece of artwork that Andrea has done for me and I can say that I am delighted with her work. Her ability and talent as an artist really is quite exceptional. Andrea captures the character and essence of her subject, without fault or error. If you desire a professional and accurate result for any artwork you need creating then I cannot recommend Andrea enough. Well done and thank you from a very happy customer!

Garden Birds

Four garden birds painted in oils on natural linen board 20x20cm, mounted on to 30x30cm natural linen board and finished off with a simple brown wooden frame.

We are now the proud owners of four wonderful garden bird paintings that Andrea created for us. Not only are the illustrations themselves of fantastic quality but the framing and overall "finished articles" are of extremely high standard. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of "commissioning" the paintings thanks to Andrea's extremely professional and friendly approach. Thanks Andrea

Rio & Inca

Fiona Roberts from Scotland

Oil painting of two gorgeous Springer spaniels Rio & Inca

I already own two delightful wild bird portraits painted by Andrea and was so suitably impressed I recently commissioned her to paint a portrait of our two Springer Spaniels as a gift for my husband's birthday. Andrea has captured their character to a "T" and she rightly named the portrait "Partners in Crime"! My husband, and I, are absolutely delighted with the painting which now has pride of place over the fireplace. Thank you once again Andrea

Honey & Dizzy

Colin Harber

Pastel portraits of two cats 'Honey & Dizzy' painted on pastel mat paper

Thank you so much for the beautiful creation of 'Honey and Dizzy'. These two paintings have taken pride of place in the living room. The paintings are accurate and life like and clearly display such remarkable attention to detail. Thank you again Colin Harber


Bumble - Hungarian Vizsla

I just thought I’d take some time to feedback how wonderfully you have captured his spirit and character! Must say we are both delighted with your talent in really understanding his nature and providing us with a lifetime memory. I do hope to have further opportunities with you in the near future with the four cats!

Trident 2

Cos & Julie from Reading

My first commission of an aircraft for retired British Airways Cabin Service Director Costas Costis, a very challenging project considering I paint wildlife but so pleased I gave it ago and very happy with the finished painting. Thank you Costas for the challenge and I'm delighted you are happy with your painting.

Just like to say a big thank you for what is truly a fantastic painting of a BEA Trident 2.
I know it was a challenge for you but considering this is your first attempt at aeroplanes you did what I knew you could achieve. This will take pride of place on our wall and enjoy it.
I chose this aircraft as I joined BEA in 1974 and this picture will bring back good memories of those days.
Once again a huge thank you to a very talented lady.

Cos & Julie

Mousehole Harbour

The picture of Mousehole Harbour in Cornwall really brings out the warmth and colour of that summer's afternoon, and is a joy to see everyday. I am so pleased with the result, and visitors always comment on how lovely it is - thank you Andrea


This painting is amazing! I am a big F1 fan and you have done it perfectly. The sheer size of the painting with such detail and accuracy is very powerful and brings this historic moment in F1 history to life. I'd love Nigel Mansell to sign this for me!

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